About us

At My Lady Bags our mission is supplying you with the latest, most interesting high quality luxury brand's bags whilst providing an excellent customer experience.

But we’d prefer you ask 100 questions freely before you purchase and feel 100% comfortable than for you to buy feeling unsure without any questions. We welcome questions and love to help our clients feel sure. Please look below to read many common questions we have answered. If you have any questions not listed below feel free to contact us.


1. Is the bag real leather?

The bag is guaranteed to be 100% made of real leather which is imported to match that of the original make. We use a range of leathers depending on what is used by the authentic brand on the original bag.


2 .What does the bag come with?

The bag will come with a box, authentication cards, and when available pamphlets etc. Not all brands send pamphlets so we only send the items you can expect with the original.


3. Why are your bags more expensive than other sites?

You get what you pay for – if you wish to shop at other sites and receive a bag that reflects the price you are free to do so. Over 90% of our clientele owns real designer bags therefore our price reflects this high level of quality.


4. Where do you ship? What is the cost of shipping?

We ship internationally to most countries around the world! and the shipping is free.

Processing takes 1-3 business days, and 7-11 business days to ship out. We provide a tracking number you can use to get updated information about your parcel online. Carrier : FedEx / UPS / DHL


5. How can I order?

You simply need to add a product to your cart and checkout. If you want an item which is not listed at all please contact us to inquire about availability and place an order.


6. What is your return policy?

We will return or replace the bag if damaged, defective, or not as ordered with a return window of 15 days. We do not refund if you simply change your mind about the color or style. We encourage you to consult our customer service to make sure you make the right choice when ordering a specific style or color! We are very reasonable with our clients, and know that a returning clients is better than a client that purchases only once to be disappointed and this helps with our success as a company!


7. What payment method do you accept?

We accept VISA/MASTER and Paypal. Detailed payment information is given when you place an order.


8. Do you have any products not listed?

We add new products and have certain unlisted products that will be added soon! Feel free to contact our customer service about a particular item or brand by contacting us.


9. What is the main difference between your bags and the original bags from the official stores?

Our bags are over 90% accurate and the key differences you will find may be the weight of the hardware (5-10% lighter) or some of the serial numbers may be out of date compared to the original production. However none of these differences are visual, and in many cases the bags are an equal replacement for the original. Material-wise we do not skimp on the bags and this reflects in the quality and praise of our brand. Considering you are saving over 90% in price we believe the differences are negligible at most, and our clients (most of which own authentic bags) agree.


10. Will the bag I buy look like the ones in the pictures?

We guarantee the bag will look like the ones in pictures on our site – this is the My Lady Bags quality promise.


11. I am wary of trusting you with my payment and am afraid to buy. How can I trust you?

We understand that there are many scams online and that it is difficult to shop online especially for something like a replica product, but we treat our clients money like our money and this is why our business is successful. We do not push any client to buy as we already receive a high volume of orders – if you do not trust us that is fine and we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable buying from us. If you are wary of sending a large amount of money we suggest you start with a smaller item and once you verify our quality you will definitely be back for more like our other clients. If you still feel wary then please remember shopping with us is a choice, and we want you to be 100% comfortable before buying